Skewed Perceptions: Or Who Truly Knows Us?

The Sacred in the Secular


Sometimes I think that my jangled hopes, dreams, and desires are so hopelessly confused that no one could truly know me… except God. Half the time I’m not sure what I want, or even my reasons for wanting it. I am consistent only in certain reactions, in certain flaws, and in certain beliefs, but in all else I am unpredictable, my tastes not easily defined, and my motives ranging from pure to selfish. If it’s hard for me to read myself, imagine how much harder it can be for other people who don’t live in my head!

On occasion, people come along who presume to know me. Most of them are proven wrong at some point, either fairly early on in our friendship or much later. I do not always fulfill their expectations. My motives are not always what they think. My tastes are not what they anticipate. My…

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‘Community’ season 6 has a release date — also, it might never end

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Before “O Holy Night”: “Minuet chrétiens” (“Midnight, Christians”)

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A Savior Gone to the Dark Side

Fascinating analysis of Star Wars and how it relates to Christianity/Christian interpretation.

The Sacred in the Secular


Thanksgiving weekend, I curled up with Star Wars on Blu-Ray. It was the first time I have ever seen them all in a row, and had a chance to think through the over-reaching plot arc and dynamic. What I think of the prequels and originals as stand alones or part of a franchise is neither here nor there, but I kept mentally wandering back to Anakin and the symbolism around him, throughout.

I’m used to seeing religious symbolism in some form in entertainment, but Star Wars is weird. It embodies a broad, all-encompassing worldview that touches on many different philosophies and belief systems, but also has inverted Christian symbolism going on. And by that, I mean you can draw some interesting and unnerving parallels between Anakin and Jesus… had Jesus gone to the dark side. In doing so, it takes you even further into a somewhat sinister and fascinating contemplation…

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The Writing Slump

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wonderful analysis of this episode! It was one of the first J/A meta pieces I found after boarding the ship as an OTP and I still simply adore this post and I can’t wait for S6 since the S5 finale pressed the trigger for them, yay! 😀 ❤



Community’s episode 4.03, “Conventions of Space and Time”, is going to go down as the most controversial episode of Community of all time. One reviewer called it the worst episode of Community ever. Fan groups have fractured. The emotions have escalated since the episode aired, with some fans bemoaning that Community is done and everything that made it the show to watch was now gone. “Community is not about relationships!” was the rallying cry.

And you know what? It think that this episode was pretty much designed to set the fanbase against each other.

Why else would the Community Facebook follow up with retweets of Jeff/Annie gifsets (one with the hashtag “#WE SHIP IT”) and then a post asking, “What do you think about Annie and Jeff?” They weren’t baiting for approval. They’d known that half of the Community fans hated Jeff/Annie. So my take is that they…

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“We’re all stories in the end…”

Head Over Feels

Doctor Who 7 x 05
The Angels Take Manhattan

Posted by Kim

“…Just make it a good one.”

And what a good one it was.

I can’t bear to watch the episode again.  I woke up this morning, thought about it, and started crying again.  Luckily Tumblr exists and I can see all the key moments without having to actually watch it.  So here are my thoughts, posted after the jump for any spoilerphobes out there who haven’t seen the episode yet.


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